High Quality and Affordable Tanning Salon Services in the Vancouver, WA, Area​


Monthly tanning packages starting at $19.95

At Wash-n-Tan we strive to offer the highest quality of tanning beds at an affordable price. We offer eight different tanning beds with four levels, including a stand up bed.

Our level one bed is a lower watt 20 minute tanning bed perfect for building a base tan on a budget. Our most popular bed is our 12 minute Cayenne high performance bed, with it’s high pressure facial lamps, shoulder tanners, body misters, and air conditioning!  ​So whether you are a first time tanner or an advanced tanner we have the tanning bed that's right for you!

Quality products at an affordable price


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 Free K Cup Coffee

 Flat Screen TV's

 Leather Couches 

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Indoor tanning lotions can help you to get a better and more beautiful bronzed tan up to 40% faster. A good indoor tanning lotion can make all the difference for your tan! Indoor tanning lotions can help to accelerate your tanning in many ways. Indoor tanning lotions are formulated to enhance the effect of UV rays and add moisture and nutrients to your skin that your body needs for a more beautiful looking tan and healthy glow.

Girl in Vancouver, WA, using our tanning salon services