"Drive from Woodland to go here. Love it, super clean."

Roberta C.

"This is a lovely laundry mat, more than enough washers and dryers and reasonably priced. Also the staff all seem very sweet and willing to help with anything."

Heather E.

"Came here because dryer broke.  Was dreading the forbidden *laundromat*.  What a GREAT CLEAN place.  Where was this place when I was in my 20s visiting laundromats weekly!!!!! There is an attendant who greets you when you walk in and asks you if you have been here.  If not she guides you over to the washer you will need!  She was constantly whipping and cleaning things.  Even the tops of the washers.....REALLY?!?!?!  Highly recommend this place!!!!  Thank you Wash n Tan!!!!!"

Angie C.​

"Bought a groupon for unlimited high level tanning level, the groupon was honored in full- no issues. The girl working, Desirae, was incredibly nice and patient, she went over pretty much all her lotions with me. Not pushy at all, I was just curious about the lotions. The bed I used was clean and worked well. My friend said she noticed I got darker already. The establishment itself is also clean, they have vending machines full of stuff and do a nice job of splitting the laundromat side from the tanning side. I can only review the tanning side, but from the looks of it, it looked busy and people looked happy. Will be returning for sure."

Natasha B.


"Clean facility, reasonable prices and super helpful and friendly front desk staff."

Tina C.

"Really a full service tanning salon with excellent equipment and great staff..just in an unusual location, at a laundry mat, would recommend!"

Marie B.


"Friendly and knowledgeable staff, love the Cayenne tanning bed.  I am very happy with my experience at Wash-N-Tan.!"

Devin L.

"Very clean and the staff was amazing...if I had to choose between Wash-N-Tan and another I’d pick Wash-N-Tan."

Suzanne J.


"Fantastic tanning salon!  Don’t let the outside fool you. This is also a laundromat.  What an unusual combination, but I was very impressed.  There are several tanning beds and all rooms are clean and VERY nice!! Customer service is great to!"

Lynne S.

"Friendly, helpful staff.  Really comfortable couches.  It’s just like doing laundry at home!"

Evelyn R.

"You are in and out immediately!  There has NEVER been a wait.  I love that! The customer service is excellent as well!"

Vicky G.

 Free Wi-Fi

 Free K Cup Coffee

 Flat Screen TV's

 Leather Couches 

"Clean!! Working machines and friendly/helpful staff!  Reasonably priced too."

Sarasota J.